Our Vision

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BSU: An Inward and Outward Experience

The student ministries emblem symbolizes the two aspects of the Christian life. The five arrows pointing inward represent growth, and the five arrows pointing outward represent outreach. Growth is considered a prelude to and preparation for outreach, though Christians engage in both all their lives.


What is the Baptist Student Union?

     The Baptist Student Union (BSU) is a campus ministry that is open to all students at Delta State University.  Our vision is for students to know Christ and to make Him known.




We are here to:

  • help you deepen your faith in God
  • support you in the living of your faith
  • to join with others in the study of the scriptures
  • to help you use your gifts in ministering to others
  • to have a meaningful worship experience
  • to help you get a "bigger picture of the world" from a Christian perspective
  • to develop friendships that become lasting relationships